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AHRI administers the ARI Performance Certified® programs that test and certify the performance of cooling and commercial refrigeration equipment and components.

AHRI is recognized as the industry authority on product rating procedures and performance monitoring. 

AHRI is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that heating and cooling equipment lives up to their performance ratings.  




Heatcraft Coil Calc program allows the user to generate a complete submittal package, including performance data, coil schedule and certified approval drawings and is available for Commercial and Industrial applications utilizing 0.375", 0.500" and 0.625" tubing for fluid, evaporator and condenser applications and 0.625" and 1.00" tubing for steam applications.

Coil Calc's certified ratings are application ratings resulting from our tests according to standard test codes in agreement with AHRI standard rating methods for Standard 410.

Heatcraft coils are AHRI certified because we have confidence in what we build. Every year, 30% of our basic model groups must undergo independent testing. The coils are selected at random by ARI and forwarded to an independent laboratory.


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